Adult Mentoring

To engage and work alongside adults who have identified that they would like to positive changes and strategies in their life to lead fulfilling relationships with their family, friends and feelings.

Understanding their current self of who we are now and the ideal, positive self of who we want to become, understanding the process and journey in between. I will offer experience in drink and drug related issues and addictions, mental health and well-being. I also engage in sports programmes as a process of positive change and use many successful resources that I have encountered along the way.

I have known Simon Flett for over 5 years and have been privileged to see his journey from the chaos of addiction onto a road of recovery leading to freedom and fulfilment in so many areas of life. I have known Simon as a friend a member of my church. I have seen him undertake projects and lead teams of people.
Simon is passionate about life, he puts his all into everything he does. Simon does not like to give up on anything or anyone and constantly works on a new angle to get a positive result in every situation. Simon has a heart for people and at times that takes priority over systems and bureaucracy but that’s what makes him unique.
I have seen Simon work through difficult situations in life and in work situations. He is honest and not afraid to say when he gets it wrong. He has enormous reserves of energy and would be an asset to any project or organisation he is part of. Simon works well with others but is also a great self-starter and is never short of a new idea.

Pastor Daniel Sibthorpe, Living Waters Church.

My Own Story.

Past Life




Involved in the criminal justice system

In and out of hospitals and institutions

Spiritually bankrupt none existent spiritually done

Did not know how to love myself or others

Present Life

Not had a drink for 8 years, clean and sober

Not had any drugs for 8 years, clean and sobe

Not smoked for 8 years, smoke free

Working alongside the criminal justice system and doing various talks at prison institutions

Happy in my own skin and just being me

Spirit filled in a loving and living relationship

Married man with a massive family in a different kingdom

make some choices … take some chances … to see some changes.

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